Introducing Author, Mark L. Randall, M.D.

Mark Randall spent much of his youth in Zimbabwe and had opportunity to help by assisting his father in surgery. In time he returned to the United States to attend Samford University and UAB School of Medicine in Birmingham, Alabama. He and his family have served the Lord overseas in a variety of medical capacities, including working with midwives and delivering babies in Zimbabwe and Thailand.


The Bethlehem Midwife

Two thousand years ago in Bethlehem, midwife Rachel and her husband Obadiah are awakened in the middle of the night by a knock on their door.

Fire Mission! Fire Mission!

Fire Mission! Fire Mission! is the fully documented experience of a green artillery forward observer with the First Cav in Vietnam.

The Evening Sun

Dr. Mark Randall wrote this article for New York's Evening Sun newspaper about the 150th anniversary of the departure of the 114th Regiment as they departed Chenango for the Civil War.

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